Economics and the Environment in the Nanticoke Webinar

The Nanticoke Watershed Alliance and guest speakers discussed the environmental and economic benefits of the Nanticoke River in our Economics and the Environment in the Nanticoke Webinar. By conducting one of the first economic studies in the region, researchers from the University of Delaware Water Resources Center were able to conclude that the water, natural […]

Making Your Ditch More Eco-Friendly

Benefits     How It’s Made     Getting Started     Site Plans                           ~ Benefits: Historically, ditches have served the purpose of quickly moving floodwaters away from our properties and roadways. Ever notice that when it rains local waterways sometimes look like chocolate milk? […]


Become a sponsor of the Nanticoke Creekwatchers! If you are a local business, organization or individual passionate about the Nanticoke River, consider making a sponsorship donation in support of our program! Nanticoke Creekwatchers is a citizen-science volunteer water monitoring program that helps to assess the overall health and quality of the Nanticoke River so that […]


~ Mission FOSTERING PARTNERSHIPS AND PROGRESS IN CONSERVING THE NATURAL, CULTURAL, AND RECREATIONAL RESOURCES OF THE NANTICOKE RIVER WATERSHED THROUGH DIALOGUE, COLLABORATIVE OUTREACH, AND EDUCATION. ~ Watch the short video below to hear what we are doing to protect “one of the last wild rivers!” Thank you for your interest in the conservation work taking […]