Economics and the Environment in the Nanticoke Webinar

The Nanticoke Watershed Alliance and guest speakers discussed the environmental and economic benefits of the Nanticoke River in our Economics and the Environment in the Nanticoke Webinar. By conducting one of the first economic studies in the region, researchers from the University of Delaware Water Resources Center were able to conclude that the water, natural resources, and ecosystems of the Nanticoke River watershed contribute $3.7 billion annually to the region’s economy.

Presentations include:

  • Economic Value of the Nanticoke Watershed, Gerald J. Kauffman & Andrew Homsey
  • Birding Economic Impacts, Jim Rapp
  • Chickens and the Delmarva Economy, Holly Porter
  • Anaerobic Digestion – Waste Management & Economic Development, Peter Ettinger
  • Economic Impacts of Local Fisheries, Fred Pomeroy

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