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We held our 2021 training on March 20. Please see our Creekwatchers page for any current needs or to learn more about the program.

2018 Nanticoke River Report Card

On June 20, 2019, the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance released the 2018 Nanticoke River Report Card. The 2018 season proved challenging, with very heavy rainfall throughout the Nanticoke River watershed. Overall, the River (Upper Nanticoke and Lower Nanticoke regions) dropped to a C+, while the Creeks (Delaware Headwaters, Broad Creek, Marshyhope Creek, and Lower Creeks) held steady with a B-. Fishing Bay also scored a D+, same as in 2017.

Thanks to our 2018 program partners: Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, Envirocorp Labs Inc., Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative, Franklin P. and Arthur W. Perdue Foundation, and University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science’s Integration and Application Network. We’d also like to give a SUPER thanks to our Nanticoke Creekwatchers and private landowners who allow us to sample from their docks.

Read more about the season and what you can do to help improve the health of our river and creeks in the 2018 Nanticoke River Report Card. If you have questions or would like to become a Nanticoke Creekwatcher, contact Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator Beth Wasden.


Ten Year Nanticoke River Report Card Now Available

On Saturday, June 9, the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance released the Ten Year Nanticoke River Report Card  at the 2018 Nanticoke Wade In. The print version of the report card is now available at the NWA office, or you can download a PDF version of the Ten Year Report Card today!

Nanticoke Creekwatchers Program Seeking Volunteers for 2016!

The Nanticoke Watershed Alliance is now seeking volunteers to participate in the 2016 Nanticoke Creekwatchers Program. We are in particular need of volunteers in the Tyaskin/Bivalve/Nanticoke area who can cover two sites on the river and two on Wetipquin Creek. Prospective Creekwatchers must commit to monitoring at least one assigned site every other Sunday or Monday from late March through early November. Volunteers should be prepared to sample at least 14 out of 17 sampling periods. No prior experience in water monitoring is required, but volunteers should be enthusiastic and willing to learn.

Please see the Nanticoke Creekwatchers page for a Creekwatchers Position Description and more information about the program, or contact Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator Beth Wasden via email or by phone at 443.944.1175.

2014 Nanticoke River Report Card Now Available!

The 2014 Nanticoke River Report Card is now available online! If you’d prefer a hard copy, drop by our office in Vienna or visit us at an upcoming festival, including:

  • Great Eastern Shore Tomato Festival on August 22
  • Woodland Ferry Festival on September 12
  • Reclaim Our River EcoPaddle on September 13
  • Reclaim Our River EcoHike on October 3

If you missed our Wade In and Report Card launch, check out some of the media coverage related to the event:

Thanks to all of our Creekwatchers and to our program partners for their hard work and support!

Creekwatchers Site Available Northeast of Federalsburg

The Nanticoke Watershed Alliance is seeking a Creekwatcher or Creekwatcher team to adopt the MAHO3: Noble Rd. site for the remainder of the season, which will end on November 2/3. MAHO3 is located just beyond the Delaware state line and is northeast of Federalsburg.  All equipment and training will be provided. For more information or to adopt this site, please contact Beth Wasden at or by phone at 443.944.1175.

Five Year Report Card Now Available

The Nanticoke Watershed Alliance’s Five Year Report Card, which looks at data from 2008-2012, is now available at our website. The report card takes a look at our four primary indicators (dissolved oxygen, water clarity, total phosphorus, and total nitrogen), as well as bacteria on the mainsteam of the river and action steps that you can take to improve water quality at home.

Want to check out some of our earlier report cards? Please see our Creekwatcher Reports page.

Creekwatchers Presentation at the Laurel Library

Curious about the Creekwatchers Volunteer Water Monitoring program? Want to learn more about the annual report card, the river and its tributaries, or how to join the Creekwatchers team? Join Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator Beth Wasden at the Laurel Public Library.

For more about the Creekwatchers program, check out this year’s flyer, visit the Creekwatchers section of the website, or contact Beth.

Nanticoke Creekwatchers Annual Training

The Nanticoke Watershed Alliance will host the Creekwatchers Citizen Water Monitoring Program training on Saturday, March 24 in the NWA office in Vienna, Maryland. The training will begin at 10:00 AM and will last approximately five hours, including lunch. Classroom activities in the morning include orientation, policies, and protocol. Learn about the indicators that we measure, why we measure them, and how we measure them. Sign up to adopt sampling sites, and meet other Creekwatchers. In the afternoon, we’ll get hands-on with Creekwatchers equipment at the Vienna Docks a few blocks away.

Participants must pre-register for this event. Please contact Beth Wasden at or at 443.944.1175.