View Our Native Planting Series Presentations

COVID may limit our ability to present and meet you in public, but there are some advantages to online-only presentations. View our Native Planting videos at our YouTube Channel or below.

Is your property 1-acre or larger? Find out how to help protect our local waterways with our new Homeowner Guide, Healthy Yards for Rural Homes!

Download Healthy Yards for Rural Homes Here!


Find out how to make your home “River-Friendly” in our new, easy-to-read Homeowner’s Guide!


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Homeowner Workshops

RainStation3Homeowner Workshops engage, educate, and empower local residents about gardening practices that provide healthy habitat for pollinators, improve water quality, and add beauty to our landscapes! Our actions at home and in our backyards directly impact the health of our local waterways. Most of us want clean, healthy water but don’t always understand how our actions can benefit or harm creeks and rivers and the Bay itself. All Homeowner Workshops are free, but registration is required.

If you have any questions about our workshops, please email Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator Beth Wasden or call her at 443.944.1175.

Reclaim Our River Series

The Nanticoke Watershed Alliance is a participating partner in the Reclaim Our River: Nanticoke Series. Due to COVID-19, ROR: Nanticoke has been cancelled for 2020-21. We are hopeful that the series can resume in 2022.