NWA Now Recruiting for a 2017-2018 Chesapeake Conservation Corps Volunteer

The Nanticoke Watershed Alliance is now recruiting a Chesapeake Conservation Corps Volunteer for the 2017-2018 service term. Chesapeake Conservation Corps Volunteers serve as integral members of staff and assist with a wide range of programs, including the award-winning Nanticoke Creekwatchers Citizen Water Monitoring Program, environmental education, and outreach.

The purpose of the Corps Program is 1) to enable young adults to work with host organizations and communities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region on issues surrounding the Chesapeake Bay, and 2) to provide leadership and training opportunities for young adults pursuing environmental careers including conferences, trainings, grant writing, project management and others. Corps Members help manage programs and projects in the realms of environmental restoration, community engagement, environmental education, energy conservation, sustainable agriculture and forestry that will promote and sustain the Bay and its surrounding environment. This program provides young adults with the opportunities to gain career skills and become more engaged through meaningful community service.

With a staff of three, there will be ample opportunity for the Corps Volunteer to be an integral member of a dedicated team. The Corps Volunteer will work directly with NWA partner organizations and gain professional contacts through various networking opportunities. The Corps Volunteer will learn the inner workings of a small non-profit conservation organization and will be given the opportunity to take ownership of their work as well as understand how it fits into the overall conservation efforts of the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance.

To Apply:    The Chesapeake Bay Trust anticipates placing around 30-35 Corps Members, young adults 18-25, with nonprofit organizations and government agencies throughout the Mid-Atlantic region for a paid year of service ($17,000) beginning on August 22, 2017.  To find the application go to https://cbtrust.org/prospective/.

Applications must be submitted through the Trust’s online system by April 14, 2017 at 5:00 pm.

For any questions about becoming a volunteer or about the Chesapeake Conservation Corps, contact Senior Program Officer Tara Baker, tbaker@cbtrust.org or 410-974-2941, ext. 102. Chesapeake Bay Trust will also provide admission into the Chesapeake Watershed Forum, a Bay-wide conference with ample learning and networking opportunities. Corps Volunteer will receive grant writing experience and plan, implement, and manage a project of their own through a mini-grant offered by the Chesapeake Bay Trust.

For more information about the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance or to submit your resume in advance, contact Beth Wasden at bethwasden@nanticokeriver.org or at 443.944.1175. Please see the CCC Position Announcement 2017-18 for more information about the position.