NWA Celebrates Earth Day with Students from North Dorchester Middle School

North Dorchester Middle School Celebrates Earth Day!

Principal Vaughn Evans and members of the C.O.R.E. Team flex their environmental muscles as they place a new cedar bench in the outdoor classroom area. The bench was made from local cedar trees damaged by storm winds and donated to the school. In addition to the bench, two picnic tables have also been constructed from reclaimed building materials and donated to the school. The generosity and talent of our community partners is making outdoor learning a reality.

Students worked side by side with Nanticoke Watershed Alliance to construct compost bins. The bins will be used to compost solid food waste from the cafeteria and then used as nutrients to grow herbs and vegetables.

Sixth Grade students traveled through several stations completing a variety of activities to celebrate our amazing Earth! Some of those included making bird feeders, decorating T-shirts, and recycling plastic bottles into terrariums. They also cleaned up trash, pulled weeds, and played Fire Tag.

The entire school is working together to recycle everything! The students formed teams to collect all the recyclable items every day and put posters around the building to inform everyone about the single stream recycling program.

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