Nanticoke River Jamboree

Nanticoke Jamboree 2013

October will be here soon, which means that the outreach season is winding to a close for 2013. The Nanticoke Watershed Alliance will be likely closing out the outreach season on Saturday, October 5 at the Nanticoke Jamboree at Handsell House. Living history interpreters, nonprofits, outfitters, and other vendors will also be on-hand.

For a full list of vendors and for more information about the Jamboree, please visit the Nanticoke Historical Preservation Alliance’s Jamboree website.

2 Comments to Nanticoke River Jamboree

  1. Robin Marie says:

    Good afternoon;
    Do you know the date of the Nanticoke River Shad Festival for this year?
    Any other events that you would like us to help you to publicize?
    Robin Marie

    • Beth Wasden says:

      Robin Marie,

      Unfortunately, the Chicone Ruritan hasn’t held a Shad Fest for the past few years due to a lack of shad that can purchased for the planking.

      We certainly have some events coming up in 2014 (including a Backyard Conservation Resource Fair). We’ll be sending more information about that soon, but you can contact Amanda Anastasia at for more information about that event.


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