Maryland Biological Stream Survey Training and Certification

The Maryland Biological Stream Survey: A Foundation of Sound Science to Ensure the Future of Maryland’s Streams

Training and Certification


Take a look at DNR’s Maryland Biological Stream Survey website.

If you have any questions about registration or to get a receipt, please feel free to contact Joanne Alewine (410) 260-8613;

If you have questions about protocols or you wish to know more about training or certification, please contact either Dan Boward (410-260-8605; or Scott Stranko (410-260-8603;


Here’s some information on the MBSS and the agenda:

The deadline to register for the 21-24 training is May 11th.  Folks interested in fish taxonomy certification need only attend the training on Wednesday May 23rd.

Folks interested in fish sampling and fish crew leader certification need only attend Thursday May 24th.  Everyone registered for any certification (i.e., fish taxonomy, fish crew leader, fish sampling) is encouraged to attend all days of the training.

2012 MBSS Summer Training Agenda

Each day a continental breakfast and lunch will be provided

Day 1: 21 May 2012 – General MBSS Protocols Training

08:30 MBSS certification overview/ What’s new with the MBSS?

09:00 Select summer sampling protocol presentations . Scientific collection permits/ landowner permission . Physical habitat assessment protocols .

Herpetofauna/ salamander sampling . Mussel sampling . Crayfish sampling .

Decontamination procedures . Photo/ specimen vouchering

12:00  Lunch (provided)

1:00    Field demonstrations of MBSS summer sampling protocols

4:30 Adjourn


Day 2: 22 May 2012 – Taxonomy

08:30 – 5:00 All Day Taxonomy Review :  Attendees will have entire day to review fish, herpetofauna, crayfish, invasive plant, and mussel taxonomy.

Experts in identification will be on hand.  Powerpoint presentations will be given by experts for the following groups:

. Herpetofauna

. Freshwater mussels

. Crayfishes

09:30    Crayfish powerpoint

10:00    Mussel powerpoint

11:00    Herpetofauna powerpoint

Two taxonomy exams will be given:

1:00  Crayfish/mussel taxonomy exam

3:30  Herpetofauna taxonomy exam

Electronic copies of the faunal keys are available (

You may also bring your own keys and identification guides.


Day 3: 23 May 2012 – Taxonomy

08:30 – 5:30 All Day Taxonomy Review :  Attendees will have second full day to review all groups.  Experts in identification will again be on hand.

09:30    Fish powerpoint

11:00    Invasive plant powerpoint

Two taxonomy exams will be given:

1:00  Fish taxonomy exam +

3:30  Invasive plant exam


Day 4: 24 May 2012 – Fish Sampling and Crew Leader Certification

08:30 MBSS certification overview

08:45 Fish sampling protocols presentations *

11:30  Lunch (provided)

12:30   Fish sampling protocols- demonstration of sampling a MBSS fish site


3:00 Fish Sampling and Crew Leader written certification tests *

4:00 Adjourn


* Required for Fish Sampling Certification.  A field QC site visit is also required to complete this certification.

+Required for Fish Taxonomy Certification.  A field QC site visit is


required to complete this certification.