Creekwatchers Needed in Wicomico

The Nanticoke Watershed Alliance seeks a volunteer or volunteer team (family or business) to adopt two sites in the Mardela Springs-area. One of the sites is public and the other private; they are located about 10 minutes apart. The NWA will provide all training and equipment necessary. Creekwatchers must be able to monitor through the end of the season in early November.

For more information or to adopt these sites, please contact Beth Wasden at 443.944.1175 or by emailing her at

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  1. tom hylden says:

    We live on Rewastico Creek – 7656 Todd Lane, Mardela Springs. Interested in creekwatching on Rewastico. Don’t know if that is one of the sites you have in mind. Please let me know the location of your sites.

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