Cambridge Main Street Farmers’ Market THIS Thursday!

Cambridge Main Street Farmers’ Market for the week of May 19th!
The Market is near the corner of Muir and Academy Streets from 3-6pm.

Sharon Harris from Harris Farms returns to the market. Harris Farms is located in Preston and has been in the family since 1832. They grow a variety of vegetables and melons. They also have beautiful potted flowers, plants and herbs grown in their green houses. Sharon has strawberries early in the season and they are sweet and so good!

Linda Wilson from Butter Pot Farm has been selling fresh organic vegetables in Cambridge since 1997. Mark and Linda grow certified organic seasonal vegetables, tomatoes, melons and sunflowers to mention just a few. All their crops are started from seed and transplanted in the field. Lettuce and asparagus are available now. Look for beets in a week or two.

Dave Levy from Bay Country Bakery returns with his delicious breads, pastries, donuts, and cookies. Stop by and try a chocolate brownie and pick up a fresh loaf of bread for dinner tonight.

Why Buy Local?
You help protect the environment.
“Green acres that farms provide help to recharge our aquifers and cleanse the air.
Buying local farm produce and meats cuts down on the distance food travels,
reducing the consumption of oil and carbon emissions nationwide.”
–Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission

Food Rule #27
“Eat animals that have themselves eaten well.
The diet of the animals we eat strongly influence the nutritional quality, and healthfulness, of the food we get from them, whether it is meat or milk or eggs. This should be self-evident, yet it is a truth routinely overlooked by the industrial food chain in its quest to produce vast quantities of cheap animal protein. That quest has changed the diet of most of our food animals in ways that have often damaged their health and healthfulness. We feed animals a high-energy diet of grain to make them grow quickly, even in the case of ruminants that have evolved to eat grass. But even food animals that can tolerate grain are much healthier when they have access to green plants – and so, it turns out, are their meat and eggs. The food from these animals will contain much healthier types of fat(more omega-3s, less omega-6s) as well as appreciably higher levels of vitamins and antioxidants.  . . .It’s worth looking
for pastured animal foods in the market – and paying the premium prices they typically command if you can.” –Food Rules by Michael Pollan

We have fresh, local produce, baked goods and fresh bread, plants and herbs, and beautiful handmade wire art.
TUESDAY MORNINGS! Starting in June from 8am-12noon.
Same location.

Why Buy Local?

fresher healthier products
great tasting food
support your local farmers
support the mid-shore rich agricultural heritage
reduce fuel emissions


See you at the Market.
Thursdays 3:00-6:00pm Academy and Muir Streets