2013 Sampling Period Data Maps

Beginning in 2013, the NWA will be making maps of Creekwatchers data as the season progresses. Please note the following before using or viewing the data:

  • The data has not undergone the quality control/quality assurance process, and there may be typos or other errors in the data set. The data will be vetted through our QAQC process prior to analysis. If you need data for an academic project, please contact Beth Wasden so that she can send you the QAQC’ed data when it’s available.
  • Some of the bacteria data may not meet the EPA’s requirements (six hours from water sample acquisition to lab processing). Data that doesn’t meet EPA requirements is flagged in the data spreadsheet but not on the online map.
  • Data for sites may be missing on a sampling period by sampling period basis. Although we do our best to ensure that all sites are covered for each sampling period, issues arise and some sites have data gaps.

Sampling Period 1        Sampling Period 8         Sampling Period 15

Sampling Period 2        Sampling Period 9         Sampling Period 16

Sampling Period 3        Sampling Period 10       Sampling Period 17

Sampling Period 4        Sampling Period 11

Sampling Period 5        Sampling Period 12

Sampling Period 6        Sampling Period 13

Sampling Period 7        Sampling Period 14