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“Our River Our Responsibility
Water Quality in the Nanticoke River: What you need to know to make a difference”

There is a great need for environmental education efforts in the Nanticoke River watershed. This need is emphasized by the recent addition of the statewide Environmental Literacy graduation requirements. The Nanticoke Watershed Alliance serves a unique role in this area by providing education programs on water quality, watersheds, non-point source pollution, best management practices, connections with agriculture and the community, and more. The Alliance builds upon the organizations experience and successes by developing an environmental education program to reach both students and teachers. The ultimate goal is to increase environmental literacy among the community, provide opportunities for hands-on outdoor education, and through this awareness, lead to an increase in environmental stewardship and citizen involvement and action.

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If you are an educator interested in participating in our program, please contact Mary Poudel at marypoudel@nanticokeriver.org or 410-443-8878.


Program Accomplishments

Enviroscape: The Nanticoke Watershed Alliance began in the classroom in the spring of 2013. We presented the Enviroscape watershed model to teach middle school aged students about watersheds, water quality, point and non point source pollution, and of course, solutions and Best Management Practices!


Summer Camp: June of 2013, the Alliance partnered with the Dorchester Soil Conservation District to host a “Land and Water Connections” week long youth summer camp at Horn Point Education Center in Cambridge, MD.


Teacher Workshops: The Alliance hosted a teacher workshop that focused on the “Food, Land, and People” curriculum that educates how agriculture, the environment and people connect. To date, the Alliance has conducted 2 workshops in MD and 1 workshop in DE. Each workshop is 2-3 days and full of fun activities and many “value added” experiences. Workshops are held during the summer months.


 Field Trips: The Alliance conducts field trips to seventh grade students to Horn Point Labs and leads students on an outdoor experience. Students rotate stations between water conservation, soils, water quality, and wildlife and enjoy extra fun activities, including an art activity, scavenger hunt, and more!




Action Projects: The students in the program put their knowledge into action at the end of the year to do something good for the environment. Seventh graders from Mardela Springs Middle & High School planted 378 trees at Cherry Beach Park in Sharptown, MD. Seventh graders from North Dorchester Middle School began a single-stream recycling program as well as a school-wide composting program.


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